CHI 2017 SIG Meeting

CHI 2017 SIG Meeting on Human-Computer Interaction Across the Arab World

When:   Wednesday 10 May, 16:30 – 17:50
Where:  CHI’17, Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO | Room: 301

HCI research is playing an important role in digital technologies worldwide. However, there is a gap between HCI research in the Arab region and the West due to socio-economic and political contextual factors. This SIG meeting is the first of its kind in the SIGCHI conference to bring scholars together to discuss the issues and opportunities of HCI research in the Arab context. It aims at bridging the gap between Western and Arab researchers, and to identify the bidirectional effect of technology by understanding the social shaping and social impact of these technologies adopted in the Arab context. The meeting considered as the initial step towards establishing a community of interested researchers and practitioners in the Arab context to foster the discussion and exchange of ideas surrounding HCI research for the Arab world.